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Jun-2017Conclusion of day 1. Closing remarksPavlova, Margarita 
May-2014Developing curriculum and strategic VET responses to meet environmental, natural and socio-cultural changesPavlova, Margarita 
Dec-2014Education and skills for inclusive growth and green jobs in Asia: TVET perspectivePavlova, Margarita 
Mar-2015Empowering people to participate in greening economiesPavlova, Margarita 
2014Global and regional networks to promote education for sustainable development in TVETMaclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Pavlova, Margarita 
2017Green skills as the agenda for the competence movement in vocational and professional educationPavlova, Margarita 
May-2015Greening of economies : environmental industries in Hong KongPavlova, Margarita 
Aug-2015Greening TVET and skills: Responses from the Asia-pacific regionPavlova, Margarita ; Narayanan, Sreeni
May-2014How to make TVET greener: Reflections on a comparative study in AsiaPavlova, Margarita 
2010Planning and policy development for technical vocational education and training systemsMaclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Pavlova, Margarita 
Jan-2016Regional overview: What is the government's role in greening TVET?Pavlova, Margarita 
Apr-2016School-to-work transition in Hong Kong: suggestions for the vocationalization of secondary educationLee, Chi Kin, John 李子建; Pavlova, Margarita ; Maclean, Rupert 馬敬言 
Nov-2011Skills development for employability (TVET) in higher education: Issues and challengesMaclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Pavlova, Margarita 
Feb-2014Skills development initiatives in Asia in the context of regional developmentPavlova, Margarita 
2009Technology and vocational education for sustainable development : empowering individuals for the futurePavlova, Margarita 
Dec-2014TVET as an important factor in country’s economic developmentPavlova, Margarita 
2013Vocationalization of secondary and higher education : pathways to the world of workMaclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Pavlova, Margarita