Maclean, Rupert 馬敬言

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Maclean, Rupert 馬敬言
Maclean, Rupert
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011Editorial : the future of technical and vocational education and training: global challenges and possibilitiesMaclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Lai, Ada
2Nov-2011Education for sustainable development and technical and vocational education and training : lessons from the private sectorMaclean, Rupert 馬敬言 
32014Global and regional networks to promote education for sustainable development in TVETMaclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Pavlova, Margarita 
42013Hong Kong, China employers' perspectives on a carbon-constrained economy and how technical and vocational education and training should respondMaclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Tsang, Po Keung, Eric; Fien, John
52010Planning and policy development for technical vocational education and training systemsMaclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Pavlova, Margarita 
6Apr-2016School-to-work transition in Hong Kong: suggestions for the vocationalization of secondary educationLee, Chi Kin, John 李子建; Pavlova, Margarita ; Maclean, Rupert 馬敬言 
7Nov-2011Skills development for employability (TVET) in higher education: Issues and challengesMaclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Pavlova, Margarita 
82013Vocation-oriented higher education : trends, development and challengesMaclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Tsang, Po Keung Eric 曾寶強
92013Vocationalization of secondary and higher education : pathways to the world of workMaclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Pavlova, Margarita 
102012Work based learning in a senior secondary school in Hong KongKell, Peter Michael 郭懷德; Ha, Yuen Yung, Susan; Maclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Wong, Wai Kee, Francisco; So, Hiu Chun 蘇曉進; Wong, Koon Lin, Linnie