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Wong, Wai Ning, Kris
Wai Ning Kris Wong
Wong, Wai Ning Kris
Wai Ning, Kris Wong
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2014Challenges facing the elderly care industry in Hong Kong: the shortage of frontline workersKwok, Sin Tung, Stella ; Wong, Wai Ning, Kris ; Yang, Shun Lai 
2May-2012Effects of memory skills intervention on student performanceWong, Wai Ning Kris 
3May-2012Effects of memory skills intervention on student performance. Theme A: Teaching and LearningWong, Wai Ning, Kris 
4Jun-2013Evaluating the IVElite programme to empower VET students. Theme E: Student developmentWong, Wai Ning, Kris ; To Lau, Deanna 
5Jun-2013Level of perceived stress and emotional symptoms among VET studentsKwok, Sin Tung Stella ; Wong, Wai Ning Kris ; Lee, Tse Yan Alexander