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Title: Case study : a development plan for "countryland"
Authors: Gailer, J. W.
D. D. Waters 
Issue Date: Jun-1985
Journal: Journal of Engineering Education in Southeast Asia
Continued by AEESEAP Journal of Engineering Education
Abstract: INTRODUCTION The following is an example of a national development plan, with emphasis on technical education and training, for a fictitious state named "Countryland" The overall objectives are based on the intention to achieve, as rapidly as possible, a modern well-developed economy consistent with the democratic, political and social aspirations of the people. Appropriate monetary policies and the necessary infrastructure, including overall services such as adequate communications, roads, railways, power, water and social services will also have to be provided. This plan is mainly concerned with specific proposals which are both vigorous and flexible enough to meet the high, middle and skilled-level manpower requirements arising as a consequence of the development of the economy. It must also be borne in mind that the development of technical education and training must wherever possible, anticipate that of the economy.
Subjects: Technical education -- Case studies
Business and education
Manpower planning
Type: Article
ISSN: 0125-8737
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