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Title: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Technical and Vocational Education (Beijing, China, September 13-18, 1993)
Authors: Chinese National Commission for UNESCO (China)
Issue Date: Sep-1993
Abstract: This document contains 28 papers: "Technical and Vocational Education in Asia and the Pacific: Regional Overview and Recent Innovations" (Muhammad Ashraf Qureshi); "Secondary Education in Austria" (Helmut Aigner); "The Development of Technical Curricula in Austria" (Helmut Aigner); "Technical and Vocational Education in Australia. Australian Country Paper"; "Achieving Industrial Relevance in Technical and Vocational Education: The Australian Approach" (Norman W. F. Fisher); "Technical Training in Brazil and Prospects for Modernization of the Country" (Iunci Picerni Bavaresco); "Vocational and Technical Education in Canada--Current Trends and Issues" (William L. Day); "The Present Situation and the Future Prospects of China's Vocational and Technical Education" (Liu Laiquan);"Technical Education and Vocational Training in Egypt" (Mohamed Ahmed El Haridy); "Technical and Vocational Education and Modernization in Germany" (Gisela Dybowski); "Technical and Vocational Education and Modernization" (Ramesh P. Gangurde); "The School Education through Technological Literacy for Pre-Vocational Education in Japan" (Tasaku Okuya); "Technical and Vocational Education in Malaysia" (Abdul Shukor Abdulllah); "Technical and Vocational Education and Modernization in Nigeria" (Musa D. Abdullahi); "Technical and Vocational Education and Modernization" (Mohammad Ilyas); "People Empowerment" (Alcestis M. Guiang); "Summary of IIRR's [International Institute of Rural Reconstruction] China Program" (Julian Gonsalves); "Technical and Vocational Education in the Republic of Korea" (Mu Keun Lee); "Some Aspects of Vocational and Technical Education in Switzerland" (Dris Morf); "Technical and Vocational Education in Romania: Present and Perspective" (Madlem Serban); "Technical and Vocational Education in Thailand" (Charoon Shoolap); "The National Vocational Qualifications Scheme in the U.K." (John Wallis); "An Overview of Vocational Technical Education in the United States" (Ray D. Ryan, Morgan V. Lewis); "Technical Education and Industrial Training in Hong Kong" (Kam-fong Leung); "The Responsibilities of Enterprises in Technical and Vocational Education and Training under the Conditions of Market Economy" (Li Hengye); "The Development of Vocational Education for Women in China" (Li Yuhong); "Gear Our Education to the Communal Development Adapt to their Needs and Offer Our Service" (Niu Tongping); and "Three Problems Faced by China's Technical and Vocational Education En Route to Market Economy" (Meng Guangping). Six appendixes contain the agenda for the symposium, three speeches at the opening ceremony, a final report, and a list of participants. (KC)
Description: 383 p.
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Keywords: Developed nations
Developing nations
Economic development
Educational practices
Foreign countries
Job training
Medical education
Postsecondary education
Secondary education
Teaching methods
Technical education
Trade and industrial education
Vocational education
Women education
Type: Book
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