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Title: Programme standards. Paper presentations: Session F
Authors: International Vocational Education and Training Association
Vocational Training Council (Hong Kong)
Issue Date: Aug-2000
Publisher: Hong Kong : Vocational Training Council ; IVETA
Abstract: This document contains 36 papers from the program development section of an international conference on vocational education and training (VET) for lifelong learning in the information era. The following are among the papers included: "Using Quality Indicators to Create World-Class Curricula: From Concept to Application" (Curtis Finch, Timo Luopajarvi, Paivi Sutinen); "What Is Missing from ISO 9000 International Quality Standards Training in the United States?" (Paul Krueger); "West Virginia Instructional Technology Program Design for Economic Development" (Michael M. Murphy); "A Perception of the Software Process Model" (Albert H.S. Scott); "Design of Internet-Related Courses for IT (Information Technology) Professionals" (Y.K. Choi); "A TQM (Total Quality Management) Study of Faculty and Trainees' Perceptions of Public Vocational Training Institutions in Taiwan" (Li-Mei Huang); "Curriculum Development in Vocational Education: Achieving Balance and Coherence" (Christopher Parkin); "Providing Competency-Based Education for Industry and Its Effect on Classroom Education" (Chin-Yen Lin, Tsung-Juang Wang); "Competency Based Training: An Evaluation of a Post-secondary Teacher Education Program" (Dale E. Thompson, Cecelia Thompson, Betsy Orr); "Perceptions of Participants in a Multi-site Distance Learning Bachelor of Science Degree Program" (Betsy Orr, Dale Thompson, Cecelia Thompson); "A Study of Relation between Assessment Dimension and Management Outcomes--A Sample of Sinyi Real-Estate Company" (Stanley Tsan-Ying Lin); "Exploring a New Pattern of Vocational Education and Training" (Haicheng Yang, Tingrui Wang); "Transforming Educational Practice for a Transformed Employment Environment" (Jeanne Dawson); "Pre- and Post-Assessment in Occupational Courses" (Teresa Yohon); "Transforming Young School Leavers and Mature Unemployed into Skilled IT Workers--The IT Assistant Training in Hong Kong" (Yat-chen Li); "Discussion and Design of High Vocational Education" (Wenyi Qin, Yanchun Guo); "Teaching Statistical Problem Solving in Vocational Education" (Ken W. Li); "Structure and Cultivation of the Knowledge and Abilities of Students of Higher Vocational Technical Education" (Jiyao Zhou, Kaiyu Zhen, Weihua Liu); "Telling Stories in the Use of Portfolio Assessment in Higher Education: Some Implementation Issues" (Annie Yim Wan Nicholson, Judy W. F. Ng, Sharon Lynne Bryant); "The Effects of the Whole Educational Experience on Graduate Employability and Further Study" (Kwok Hung Lai, Michael Hohn Pomfret); Flexible Learning Programme in Vocational Education: A Case Study (Lawrence Y.L.Wong, Nigel. J. Montague); Discovery Learning Approach to Classic Electrical Machines Principles (S.K. Wong, K.F. Chan and David T.W. Chan); Research and Practice of Higher Vocational Education of Environmental Engineering (Dr. Yalei Zhang); The Use of a Laboratory Approach for Teaching Engineering Students (Yik-lung Wong, Lawrence); The Practice Firm Concept - A Competency Approach to Teach Key Business Skills (Mitzi Leung & Judy Ng); Benchmarking in Supply Chain Management: A Process to Find a Better Way, Rather than an Attempt to Reinvent the Proverbial Wheel (Eric Y. L. Tam); Vocational Education and Training for Hong Kong into the 21st century, An Investigative Report (Manwey Joseph Leung); Qualitative Measures of the Responsiveness of Postsecondary Technical Programs to the Needs of Industry (Dr. Edgar I. Farmer); A Comparative Study on the Strengths and Weakneeses of the Students between China and Hong Kong (Mr. Brian H.M. O & Dr. Dennis N.K. Leung); How Effective Are Our Teaching Methods for Vocational Education (Yik-lung Wong, Lawrence); New Designs for Career and Technical Education Programs at the Secondary and Postsecondary Levels in the United States: Context, Audiences, and Expectations (George H. Copa & Sharon K. Grossbach); German International Cooperation in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (paper not available); Determining What Materials to Develop (Dr. Robert E. Norton); Determining What to Teach (Dr. Robert E. Norton) Most papers contain substantial bibliographies. (MN)
Description: 243 p. ; computer optical disc : 4 3/4 in.
In: Vocational education and training for life long learning in the information era. IVETA [International Vocational Education and Training Association] Conference Proceedings (Hong Kong, China, August 6-9, 2000)
Available online pdf via VTC Institutional Repository
Keywords: Academic standards
Adult learning
Bachelors degrees
Business education
Business skills
Case studies
College programs
Comparative analysis
Competency-based education
Computer software
Computer uses in education
Curriculum development
Distance education
Education work relationship
Educational attainment
Educational policy
Educational practices
Educational research
Educational technology
Employment qualifications
Engineering education
Flexible progression
Foreign countries
Higher education
Indigenous populations
Instructional materials
Job skills
Job training
Learning laboratories
Lifelong learning
Outcomes of education
Portfolio assessment
Pretests posttests
Professional continuing education
Professional development
Program development
School business relationship
Secondary education
Student attitudes
Student evaluation
Teacher education
Teacher evaluation
Technical institutes
Theory practice relationship
Total quality management
Vocational education
Work environment
World Wide Web
Subjects: IVETA 2000
Vocational education -- Congresses
Technical education -- Congresses
Type: Conference Paper
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