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Title: Computer technology applications in special education in East Asian nations
Authors: Tan, Shiow Ling
Issue Date: Dec-1986
Abstract: The paper examines the application of educational technology to special education in East Asia and specifically in Japan, the Republic of China on Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the People's Republic of China. The potential role of the microcomputer in special education is stressed and American applications of the microcomputer as a special education management tool, as a communication tool, as an instructional tool, and as a personal aid are briefly described. Current and future trends in the use of educational technology in special education in the East Asia are discussed in the context of: (1) official definitions of "exceptional"; (2) the political and economic structure; (3) social and cultural attitudes toward handicapped people; and (4) the influence of special education professionals. Considered next are current applications of educational technology in regular and special education in East Asia which, though still rather minimal, are expected to increase rapidly in response to commitment to building technology-based industries. (DB)
Description: 33 p.
Keywords: Comparative education
Computer uses in education
Educational technology
Elementary secondary education
Foreign countries
Special education
Trend analysis
Type: Article
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