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Title: WWW technologies and adult continuing education
Authors: Cheung, Bruce
Yiu, S. M.
Issue Date: Apr-1998
Abstract: Adult continuing education (ACE) has different audiences and characteristics than distance learning and full-time education. The University of Hong Kong is regarded as the leading provider of ACE through the programs offered by the School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPACE). To maintain that position, SPACE's challenge is to develop appropriate online ACE supports using World Wide Web technologies. ACE needs online supports different from those in distance learning and general classroom teaching. Unlike distance education and classroom teaching (full-time education), ACE serves students who are frequently absent from classes, who have long working hours, who have little time for self-study and homework, whose teachers are mostly part time, and who come from diversified backgrounds. Although ACE presents some major difficulties for both students and teachers, it has some advantages. ACE students are motivated by teacher and peer contact to continue their studies and are usually self-motivated. Due to ACE's unique characteristics, the emphasis on the overall online support is different. Only necessary and useful information should be put on the web. Teachers should have a simple, well-designed and easy-to-use framework for teachers to put their notes and study guidelines online; class rescheduling and other news should be updated daily. Cyber teaching centers should be developed for large programs or subject areas. (Contains 15 references.) (YLB)
Description: 7 pages
Keywords: Computer uses in education
Continuing education
Distance education
Educational methods
Educational technology
Foreign countries
Full time students
Multimedia instruction
Multimedia materials
Online systems
World Wide Web
Type: Article
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