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Title: From creativity to creative industries: A curly road that education can contribute
Other Titles: 從創意到創意產業:一條曲折而靠教育可以促進的道路
Authors: Ko, Yue On James 高裕安
Lau, Debbie
Issue Date: Jul-2014
Journal: Journal of Youth Studies
Abstract: One proposed initiative of the Hong Kong Government is maintaining the city's competitiveness and strategies by cultivating the creativity of her people. Thus, understanding the economic outputs generated by people's creativity, and the structural and environmental conditions that allow people to remain creative is important. This paper examines the concept of creativity and the two main forms of creativity cultivation in schools. Based on interviews with teachers of a local secondary school excelled in drama education, the contributions of a whole-school approach, internal support and opportunities, and capital resources to creative education in school are explored. Finally, a stronger emphasis on creativity education in extra-curricular activities, and vocational education and training is proposed, especially for students of lower academic achievements and those from backgrounds of lower socioeconomic status.
Keywords: Creativity
School policy
Formal curriculum
Extra-curricular activities
Vocational education and training
Type: Article
ISSN: 1029-7847
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