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Title: Implementation of other learning experiences of the new senior secondary curriculum in Hong Kong schools
Authors: Leung, Kwok Wai, Masa
Advisors: Huang, Yi Ying
Lin, Zhi Zhong
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: In Hong Kong, Non-academic Learning (NAL) has long played a peripheral role to academic learning in secondary school education, especially the senior secondary, because of the predominantly examination-oriented culture. First implemented in 2009, Other Learning Experiences (OLE) is now a formal, compulsory component of the New Senior Secondary Curriculum (NSSC), requiring student participation in in five areas of NAL. It has brought hopes to advocates of Whole-person Development (WPD) that students could develop a balanced life and values and attitudes that could not be learnt in textbooks but through authentic learning experiences. To understand what, how and why the OLE has been implemented, the doctoral researcher has carried out a qualitative case study examining the implementation of OLE and the interplay of factors underlying the process at two schools. Based on a critical analysis of the interviews with the parties involved in OLE implementation, including the principals and teachers, alongside scrutiny of related documents, this study presents recommendations on how OLE and similar educational initiatives can be more effectively implemented. Analyzed using a framework developed from Fullan (2001) and Leithwood (1981), results in this study indicate that the top- down OLE stipulated by the government has effectively initiated changes in NAL of senior secondary students in Hong Kong. OLE has achieved partial success mainly in terms of meeting time requirements for the five areas set by the Education Bureau (EDB). There has also been a rise in the status of NAL now required and structured as OLE, which heightened the willingness of the principals, teachers and students to inject time and other resources to OLE. However, measures in bolstering quality of OLE have yet to be intensified. Amid the many factors, cultural and societal perceptions of NAL as subsidiary to academic learning are the major factor that counteracts the praiseworthy effort made by schools and teachers. Local factors were the most influential among the three categories of factors, with factors of the teachers presenting the most favorable effects to the curriculum. Nevertheless, the large teachersʼ workload incurred by NSSC implementation hindered further development of OLE. From the findings of this study and Fullanʼs (2001a) list, the researcher has proposed a list of 11 factors to be considered in Hong Kong-based education reform initiatives. There are many recommendations concerning how the government may facilitate OLE implementation in schools, for example, by allocating more resources to relieve teachersʼ workload and by being more proactive in lobbying universities as well as promoting OLE to the public. Considerable patience is also suggested for the schools, the public and the government to allow gradual institutionalization of a new curriculum in schools.
在香港的中學教育,考試主導文化乃主流,相比學科學習,非學科學習一直處於次等位置,尤以高中為甚。自二零零九年開始,其他學習經歷實施成為新高中課程中一個正規的必修部分,它包羅了五個不同非學科學習範疇,所有高中學生必需參加每一範疇的活動。鼓吹全人發展的擁護者對其他學習經歷產生莫大希冀,期望學生能從中發展均衡人生,並培養出難以從書本中學習、卻需在真實的學習經歷上體會到的正確價值觀和態度。博士生研究員進行了這項質化個案研究,以了解香港學校實施了甚麼其他學習經歷、怎樣、並為何推行。當中審視兩間學校其他學習經歷實施情況,和其中因由的相互影響過程。在批判分析並綜合校長及教師訪問,加上檢視文件後,本研究對有效實施其他學習經歷或類似的教育計畫提出了建議。以 Fullan (2001a) 和Leithwood (1981) 的理論為分析框架,是次研究結果顯示政府由上而下推出的其他學習經歷已改變了香港高中學生的非學科學習。學校實施其他學習經歷得到的主要成果,乃達致了教育局在五個範疇的學習時間要求,同時,當非學科學習以具結構、並規定的其他學習經歷課程出現時,校長、教師和學生便更願意投放時間及其他資源於其中,然而尚需有更多措施以提昇其他學習經歷的質素。在各因素之中,影響其他學習經歷實施最大的因素,是社會文化觀念認為非學科學習只附屬於學科學習,這因素更抵消了學校和教師推動其他學習經歷值得敬佩的努力。在三個要素類別中,本土要素包含最多影響因素,其中教師因素最有利課程。不過實施新高中課程,包括:其他學習經歷卻令教師工作量大幅增加,妨礙其他學習經歷進一步發展。 建基於 Fullan (2001a)的清單,並根據本研究結果,研究員提出了十一項影響香港教育改革的因素,作為日後參考。研究對政府促進學校實施其他學習經歷作出不少建議,包括:投放更多資源,並更積極游說大學和向公眾推廣其他學習經歷。同時,學校、公眾和政府亦需要有足夠耐性,讓一個新課程慢慢在學校制度化。
Description: xiii, 313 leaves : col. ill.
Subjects: Education, Secondary -- China -- Hong Kong -- Evaluation
Moral education -- China -- Hong Kong -- Evaluation
Vocational education -- China -- Hong Kong -- Evaluation
Human services -- Study and teaching (Secondary) -- Evaluation
Art -- Study and teaching (Secondary) -- Evaluation
Physical education and training -- China -- Hong Kong -- Evaluation
Type: Thesis
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