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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12002City University : the College of Higher Vocational Studies.City University of Hong Kong. College of Higher Vocational Studies
21935Report on Education in Hong KongBurney, E. (Edmund)
31994Demand and supply report on technical manpower of major Hong Kong industries
4May-2012An effective learning model to support student development at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational EducationLeung, Sui Man Anita 
51998Quantifiable feedback : can it really measure quality?Richardson, Keyth E.
62003官立漢文女子師範學堂 (1920-1941):香港僅有的女子師訓院校方駿
72000Increasing female participation in technology education: a hong kong perspectiveVolk, Ken 
82001官立師範學堂 (1881-1883):香港最早的全日制師訓機構方駿; 何麗芳
112000The use of a laboratory approach for teaching engineering studentsWong, Yik-lung, Lawrence 
122007承擔, 求新, 創未來 : 職業訓練局銀禧紀念集編著《職業訓練局銀禧紀念集 》編委會
13Feb-2016World TVET database China
141969工業教育指南 : 介紹香港工業學院及摩理臣山工業學校
151989Report on demand for and supply of technical manpower in the major industries
162000Professional ethics: a life-long pursuit by an engineerLeung, C. K. ; Wong, Jolly 
172000A brief history of technical education in Hong Kong 1863 to 1980: a paper presented on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary: 12 October 2000D. D. Waters 
18Dec-2008Administrative Arrangements and a Curriculum for a University Training Programme for Adult Educators in Hong KongShak, Wai Han, Therese, 1932-2010 
19Nov-2007改革高职学院实训模式 提高实训效果: 借鉴香港职前与在职训练的成功经验熊建武; 周进; 熊芊; 张建安; 徐铁辉
212018An Exploration of the History of Vocational Education in Hong KongTse, WCV
22-Technical education and training : with special reference to developing countriesD. D. Waters 
232008大埔教育:從鄉村師範的建立到鄉村學校的消失Poon, Shuk Wah
242008Enhancing the quality of VET in Hong Kong: recent reforms and new initiatives in widening participation in tertiary qualificationsLim, David 
Results 901-924 of 924 (Search time: 0.063 seconds).