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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12000E-learning in knowledge-based societyTsui, P. F. ; Yue, K. M. 
22014Needs analysis and curriculum development of vocational Chinese for NCS studentsQiu, Xiao Yan ; Wang, Dan Ping ; Lo, Hau Yee ; Tsang, Ming Tak 
42007承擔, 求新, 創未來 : 職業訓練局銀禧紀念集編著《職業訓練局銀禧紀念集 》編委會
51994Demand and supply report on technical manpower of major Hong Kong industries
6May-2012The use of variation theory to enhance speech-impaired students’ learning of PutonghuaHo, Pei Ying Peggie 
72001官立師範學堂 (1881-1883):香港最早的全日制師訓機構方駿; 何麗芳
82000Mining labour market information for use in developing an it manpower predictive modelSuen, Gar-yun, Garry 
91935Report on Education in Hong KongBurney, E. (Edmund)
102000Integration of general education into the vocational training curriculumLai, Kwok Hung 
112000Transforming educational practice for a transformed employment environmentDawson, Jeanne
132000A brief history of technical education in Hong Kong 1863 to 1980: a paper presented on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary: 12 October 2000D. D. Waters 
142018An Exploration of the History of Vocational Education in Hong KongTse, WCV
15Dec-2008Administrative Arrangements and a Curriculum for a University Training Programme for Adult Educators in Hong KongShak, Wai Han, Therese, 1932-2010 
162000Increasing female participation in technology education: a hong kong perspectiveVolk, Ken 
172000The use of a laboratory approach for teaching engineering studentsWong, Yik-lung, Lawrence 
18Nov-2007改革高职学院实训模式 提高实训效果: 借鉴香港职前与在职训练的成功经验熊建武; 周进; 熊芊; 张建安; 徐铁辉
192008Enhancing the quality of VET in Hong Kong: recent reforms and new initiatives in widening participation in tertiary qualificationsLim, David 
20May-2012An effective learning model to support student development at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational EducationLeung, Sui Man Anita 
212000Professional ethics: a life-long pursuit by an engineerLeung, C. K. ; Wong, Jolly 
222008大埔教育:從鄉村師範的建立到鄉村學校的消失Poon, Shuk Wah
24-Technical education and training : with special reference to developing countriesD. D. Waters 
Results 901-924 of 924 (Search time: 0.112 seconds).