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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1May-2012The positive impact of an integrated assignment scheme for an outcome-based higher curriculumLi, Yu Fai Will ; Lee, Siu Woo Kenneth 
22000Profile of SME support in Hong Kong and the setting up of the business start-up centreWong, Robin 
31974A speech of technical education and career development for girls in Hong KongD. D. Waters 
42000Web-site teaching: analysis of its future developmentChiu, Ying Wai, Peter 
5Jun-2013Curriculum development and students’ learning outcomes: a case study of Putonghua presentation skillsWang, Danping ; Qiu, Xiao Yan ; Chau, Man Lut ; Choy, King Lam Jacquelin 
6Jan-1974The future role of the training officer in Hong KongD. D. Waters 
72000An evaluation on the effectivenss of a 9-month intensive full-time program for the unemployedYeung, Che Keung ; Chan, Yuet Keung, Cadbury ; Chow, Lai Ling, Lilian ; Leung, Yuen Bing ; Chow, King Chung, Joseph 
82005Junior secondary vocational educational in Hong KongVolk, Kenneth Scott
92000Flexible learning programme in vocational education: a case studyWong, Lawrence Y. L. ; Montague, Nigel J. 
10Dec-2014Schooling and career aspirations of South Asian studentsStella Kwok, Sin Tung ; Chiu, Catherine ; Lo, Brenda ; Wu, Richard Sui Lun