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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12002邁向成長路 : 智能障礙靑少年的職業訓練
22000The development of a management competency model and a development centreWong, Sara 
32010PVE online
42014香港职业教育课程开发探究与启示郑哲; 韩越祥
5Nov-2002Setting up a qualifications framework and associated quality assurance framework for Hong Kong : an executive summary
62014香港与内地职业教育比较研究刘水国; 徐国庆
7Jun-2003Project Yi Jin : an alternative pathway to higher education in Hong KongWong, King Por, Edwin; Yeung, Alexander Seeshing
82000Graph theory, job-labour system and manpower planningLeung, Kwai Wing 
92000Web-site teaching: analysis of its future developmentChiu, Ying Wai, Peter 
10Dec-2014Schooling and career aspirations of South Asian studentsStella Kwok, Sin Tung ; Chiu, Catherine ; Lo, Brenda ; Wu, Richard Sui Lun 
11Jun-2013Curriculum development and students’ learning outcomes: a case study of Putonghua presentation skillsWang, Danping ; Qiu, Xiao Yan ; Chau, Man Lut ; Choy, King Lam Jacquelin 
122007The relationships between the use of metacognitive language-learning strategies and language-learning motivation among Chinese-speaking ESL learners at a vocational education institute in Hong KongWu, Man Fat, Manfred
132000The practice firm concept: a competency approach to teach key business skillsLeung, Mitzi ; Ng, Judy 
14May-2012Transforming industry practitioners into vocational teachers: new teacher training in vocational education and trainingNg, Yuk Kwan Ricky ; Leung, Po San Cecilia ; Chung, Kit Man Gloria ; Lau, Lai Fong Annie 
152013Hong Kong, China employers' perspectives on a carbon-constrained economy and how technical and vocational education and training should respondMaclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Tsang, Po Keung, Eric; Fien, John
17Jun-2013Teachers as actors? lecturing theory classesNg, Yuk Kwan Ricky ; Leung, Po San Cecilia ; Chung, Kit Man Gloria ; Lau, Lai Fong Annie 
182007Vocational Training Council and Technical EducationWong, Man Kong
192004僱員再培訓課程Hong Kong College of Technology; 香港專業進修學校
20Jun-2013Learning challenges in engineeringWong, Ho Fai Simon ; Wong, Kin Ming 
21May-2012Designing a sustainable curriculum: foundation programme in design education for Hong KongLam, Yan Yan ; Fung, Shung Yu Alex 
222015Report of the Task Force on Promotion of Vocational Education : highlights
232000Service culture training : trainee handbook
242000Role of supported services in the provision of vocational training for open employment to people with disabilities in Hong KongLo Chan, Woon-ching, Eliza 
25Sep-2016Joint VPET programme at higher diploma levelLeung, Yau Cheung Frankie 
262008The perceptions of graduates and students on quality of hospitality management program and future development : the case of Hong KongKwong, Raymond; Law, Rob
272017香港职业教育的历史变革初探梁勇; 谢惠芝
29Nov-2011Skills development for employability (TVET) in higher education: Issues and challengesMaclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Pavlova, Margarita 
34May-2012Underpinning statistical computing knowledge and skills for studentsLi, Wing Kin Ken 
352007Innovations in professional education : practices and reflections
372000The effectiveness of using technology to teach English as a second languageNg, Yuk Kwan, Rita 
38Sep-2015香港职训局“双师型”师资建设考察启示: 基于技工院校一体化师资队伍建设思考郑振凯
392017Adult education and vocational training in the digital age
402009A case study on applied learning (ApL) in helping students' career explorationTang, Siu Lam 鄧小琳
412015A comparison of the professional and career education programmes in a Hong Kong self-financing institute and a Chinese instituteYang, Xi 楊希
42Nov-2015Facilitating students' project work with online collaborative support: A case from Business Administration Discipline at Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Lee Wai Lee)Cheung, Man Wai Janet ; Leung, Yim Ha Emma; Leung, Mei Ting Candy
432007A study of the metacognitive language-learning strategy use and language-learning style preferences of English L2 learners at a vocational education institute in Hong KongWu, Man Fat, Manfred
442003Tackling the challenges to professional education
45Feb-2014Skills development initiatives in Asia in the context of regional developmentPavlova, Margarita 
462000Quantitative evaluation of the educational programmes on students’ awareness of social responsibilityTsui, Loky ; Lee Wong, Sau-wan, Teresa 
47Mar-2000The Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionLi, Louisa
482012An international comparison of the effect of work-integrated learning on academic performance: a statistical evaluation of WIL in Japan and Hong KongTanaka, Yasushi; Carlson, Kevin
492000Developing a competitive program to cope with the 3c (change, competitive, complex) trend in industryTsai, S. T.; Tsen, Shu Hsiao
Results 1-50 of 450 (Search time: 0.031 seconds).