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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22015Educational technology at the intersection of East meets West: China's globalization in the digital ageChou, Min; Collado, Ericka; Kantor Nagler, Deborah
42006Secondary business education in Hong Kong: Teachers' conceptions of students' competenceYu, Wai Mui, Christina
52015电子信息工程技术专业课程建设与探索: 香港VTC对专业建设启发及思考蔡琼; 陈鹏慧
62013Increasing professionalization and vocationalization of continuing education in Hong Kong : trends and issuesTam, Maureen
72009Handbook of research on E-learning applications for career and technical education : technologies for vocational training
82000Vocational education and training for life long learning in the information era. IVETA [International Vocational Education and Training Association] Conference Proceedings (Hong Kong, China, August 6-9, 2000)Vocational Training Council (Hong Kong); International Vocational Education and Training Association
92000A perception of the software process modelScott, Albert H. S. 
10Dec-2014Enhancing vocational English learning through peer tutoringLam, Man Wai Miranda ; Chan, Chung Woon Avery 
112000Establishing a virtual building & construction site for education and trainingBarrett, John F. ; Wilkins, Brian 
13May-2012Multidimensional rasch analysis for vocational education assessmentsKwan, Wai Wing Eric 
152000Careers education in s skills opportunity school (SOS) : a case studyLock, Suk Han 駱淑嫻
182004Implementing web-based teaching and learning of Putonghua at The Institute of Vocational EducationChiu, Ying San, Enoch
192013香港出版印刷职业教育质量保障特点及其启示付婉莹; 罗尧成
20Nov-2015Applied learning curriculum and assessment guide (senior secondary level)
222000Profile of SME support in Hong Kong and the setting up of the business start-up centreWong, Robin 
23May-2011谈宁波高职饭店专业教学改革: 基于甬港两地饭店专业毕业生潜流失实证分析徐春红
242006发展职业技术教育 培养应用型人才: 对香港职业技术教育的考察报告吴文远; 姜虹成
252008学习先进理念 提升专业建设水平徐永红; 张裕萍
262000An evaluation on the effectivenss of a 9-month intensive full-time program for the unemployedYeung, Che Keung ; Chan, Yuet Keung, Cadbury ; Chow, Lai Ling, Lilian ; Leung, Yuen Bing ; Chow, King Chung, Joseph 
27Jun-2013Curriculum development and students’ learning outcomes: a case study of Putonghua presentation skillsWang, Danping ; Qiu, Xiao Yan ; Chau, Man Lut ; Choy, King Lam Jacquelin 
28May-2012The positive impact of an integrated assignment scheme for an outcome-based higher curriculumLi, Yu Fai Will ; Lee, Siu Woo Kenneth 
292014Investigating the effectiveness of English for occupational purpose (EOP) training: Corporate programs in ChinaXie, Qing
302014香港与内地职业教育比较研究刘水国; 徐国庆
312000Graph theory, job-labour system and manpower planningLeung, Kwai Wing 
322000Telling stories in the use of portfolio assessment in higher education: some implementation issuesNicholson, Annie Y. W. ; Bryant, Sharon ; Ng, Judy W. F. 
332006Using the jigsaw method for enhancing the learning of reading and writing competencies in vocational EnglishWong, Man
342014香港四所院校优质职业教育体系保障机制与启示张倩; 张海松; 任国平
362006Applied learning (career-oriented studies)
372016Stumbling Blocks in the Implementation of Accounting Education Reform: Evidence from Hong KongChen, T. Y., Theodore
38Nov-2006The need of safety-net programme for a mass education systemWong, King Por, Edwin 黃景波; Ngai, Sze Wan, Emily; Lo, King Shuen
392000Web-site teaching: analysis of its future developmentChiu, Ying Wai, Peter 
40Dec-2014On translating technology research into industrial applicationsWong, Stephen T.C.
41May-2012Online social networking to support Youth College student learning and behaviourWong, Chun Hung Hugo 
42May-2012Facilitating active learning through classroom assessment techniques, course preparation assignments and out-of-class assignmentsChu, Hing Chiu 
432003An investigation of the sources of language anxiety caused to students at the Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) and its linkage with their oral performancesLiu, Yuk Pui, Ivy
442004香港与内地中药学高等职业教育课程体系的比较研究徐晓媛; 姚文兵
45Oct-2004Government's training programmes for the youth. Information noteLegislative Council Secretariat, Research and Library Services Division
46Jun-2013Level of perceived stress and emotional symptoms among VET studentsKwok, Sin Tung Stella ; Wong, Wai Ning Kris ; Lee, Tse Yan Alexander 
472010A narrative inquiry into the formation, development and challenges of secondary technical education in Hong Kong, 1945-2008Lau, Wai Wah 劉偉華
48Jun-2003Project Yi Jin : an alternative pathway to higher education in Hong KongWong, King Por, Edwin; Yeung, Alexander Seeshing
492013Education policies to make the economy work: a case study of lifelong learning and employment prospects in Hong Kong SAR, ChinaLi, Jun; Pinna, Cristina; UNESCO Office Bangkok and Regional Bureau for Education in Asia and the Pacific
502005Junior secondary vocational educational in Hong KongVolk, Kenneth Scott
Results 101-150 of 450 (Search time: 0.023 seconds).