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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2Nov-2015Applied learning curriculum and assessment guide (senior secondary level)
32000Careers education in s skills opportunity school (SOS) : a case studyLock, Suk Han 駱淑嫻
42000Establishing a virtual building & construction site for education and trainingBarrett, John F. ; Wilkins, Brian 
52015电子信息工程技术专业课程建设与探索: 香港VTC对专业建设启发及思考蔡琼; 陈鹏慧
62013Increasing professionalization and vocationalization of continuing education in Hong Kong : trends and issuesTam, Maureen
7May-2012Multidimensional rasch analysis for vocational education assessmentsKwan, Wai Wing Eric 
82006Secondary business education in Hong Kong: Teachers' conceptions of students' competenceYu, Wai Mui, Christina
92006发展职业技术教育 培养应用型人才: 对香港职业技术教育的考察报告吴文远; 姜虹成
132006Applied learning (career-oriented studies)
14Oct-2004Government's training programmes for the youth. Information noteLegislative Council Secretariat, Research and Library Services Division
15Nov-2006The need of safety-net programme for a mass education systemWong, King Por, Edwin 黃景波; Ngai, Sze Wan, Emily; Lo, King Shuen
162014Crossing the Binary Line: The Founding of the Polytechnic in Colonial Hong KongWong, Ting Hong
172000Profile of SME support in Hong Kong and the setting up of the business start-up centreWong, Robin 
182006Using the jigsaw method for enhancing the learning of reading and writing competencies in vocational EnglishWong, Man
19May-2012The positive impact of an integrated assignment scheme for an outcome-based higher curriculumLi, Yu Fai Will ; Lee, Siu Woo Kenneth 
202000Telling stories in the use of portfolio assessment in higher education: some implementation issuesNicholson, Annie Y. W. ; Bryant, Sharon ; Ng, Judy W. F. 
212014香港职业教育课程开发探究与启示郑哲; 韩越祥
232013香港出版印刷职业教育质量保障特点及其启示付婉莹; 罗尧成
242016Stumbling Blocks in the Implementation of Accounting Education Reform: Evidence from Hong KongChen, T. Y., Theodore
25May-2011谈宁波高职饭店专业教学改革: 基于甬港两地饭店专业毕业生潜流失实证分析徐春红
262008学习先进理念 提升专业建设水平徐永红; 张裕萍
272004Implementing web-based teaching and learning of Putonghua at The Institute of Vocational EducationChiu, Ying San, Enoch
282000An evaluation on the effectivenss of a 9-month intensive full-time program for the unemployedYeung, Che Keung ; Chan, Yuet Keung, Cadbury ; Chow, Lai Ling, Lilian ; Leung, Yuen Bing ; Chow, King Chung, Joseph 
29Feb-2017Curriculum reform and supporting structures at schools : challenges for life skills planning for secondary school students in China (with particular reference to Hong Kong)Lee, Chi Kin, John
312005Junior secondary vocational educational in Hong KongVolk, Kenneth Scott
322014香港四所院校优质职业教育体系保障机制与启示张倩; 张海松; 任国平
33Dec-2014Schooling and career aspirations of South Asian studentsStella Kwok, Sin Tung ; Chiu, Catherine ; Lo, Brenda ; Wu, Richard Sui Lun 
34Jun-2013Curriculum development and students’ learning outcomes: a case study of Putonghua presentation skillsWang, Danping ; Qiu, Xiao Yan ; Chau, Man Lut ; Choy, King Lam Jacquelin 
352007Education and personnel training in Hong Kong : a decade of drastic reformKwok, Joseph
362014Investigating the effectiveness of English for occupational purpose (EOP) training: Corporate programs in ChinaXie, Qing
372000Graph theory, job-labour system and manpower planningLeung, Kwai Wing 
382014香港与内地职业教育比较研究刘水国; 徐国庆
392016Educational reforms and the practices of professional learning community in Hong Kong primary schoolsPang, Sun Keung, Nicholas; Wang, Ting; Leung, Lai Mei, Zoe
402004香港与内地中药学高等职业教育课程体系的比较研究徐晓媛; 姚文兵
412003An investigation of the sources of language anxiety caused to students at the Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) and its linkage with their oral performancesLiu, Yuk Pui, Ivy
422000Web-site teaching: analysis of its future developmentChiu, Ying Wai, Peter 
43May-2012Facilitating active learning through classroom assessment techniques, course preparation assignments and out-of-class assignmentsChu, Hing Chiu 
442010A narrative inquiry into the formation, development and challenges of secondary technical education in Hong Kong, 1945-2008Lau, Wai Wah 劉偉華
452000Flexible learning programme in vocational education: a case studyWong, Lawrence Y. L. ; Montague, Nigel J. 
462014Modeling your college library after a commercial bookstore? The Hong Kong Design Institute library experienceLo, Patrick; Chiu, Dickson K. W.; Chu, Wilson
47May-2012Online social networking to support Youth College student learning and behaviourWong, Chun Hung Hugo 
502013Education policies to make the economy work: a case study of lifelong learning and employment prospects in Hong Kong SAR, ChinaLi, Jun; Pinna, Cristina; UNESCO Office Bangkok and Regional Bureau for Education in Asia and the Pacific
Results 101-150 of 450 (Search time: 0.053 seconds).