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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2017Focus highlight in VPET. Skills for entrepreneurshipMa, Si Hang, Frederick
2May-2012Effects of memory skills intervention on student performance. Theme A: Teaching and LearningWong, Wai Ning, Kris 
3May-2015Vocational Education and Training in Switzerland. Information noteLegislative Council Secretariat, Research Office
4Aug-2000Skills for the new Millennium. Paper presentations: Session GInternational Vocational Education and Training Association; Vocational Training Council (Hong Kong)
5Jun-2017Focus highlight in VPET. STEM and their relevance for VET in GermanyThomann, Birgit
6Apr-2004The accreditation and quality assurance of sub-degree/degree qualifications in the establishment of a Hong Kong qualifications framework: local, regional and transnational implicationsLeong, C. Y., John; Wong, W. S.
72000青年職前綜合培訓計劃 :「展翅計劃」研究調查
8Jun-2017Focus highlight in VPET. Skill development and economic growthMcNally, Sandra
92004Education in Hong Kong, 1941 to 2001 : visions and revisionsSweeting, Anthony
102000The vocational English curriculum : a case study of the implementation of a new curriculumTse, Oi Yu, Eileen 謝靄愉
11May-2012A qualitative study of the motivational factors in learning English of Hong Kong vocational studentsYeung, Siu May Yvonne 
12Jun-2017Focus highlight in VPET. Curriculum and pedagogy
132013Report to UNESCO from the Hong Kong Institute of Education on the UNESCO Chair in Technical and Vocational Education and Training, TVET, and Lifelong Learning and UNITWIN Network in TVET and Lifelong Learning, March 2013
14Jun-2017STEM students' chat with executives: STEM: the pathway to successChung, Chi Ping, Roy; Cheng, Man Fai, Jordan; White, Nigel
15Mar-2006Implementation of the Career-Oriented Curriculum (COC) in the business curriculum for senior secondary schools in Hong Kong : a pilot studyCheung, C. K.; Wong, K. C., Anne
162000Creating a competency-based model for secondary vocational teachers to meet the latest changes and demands in Hong KongYu, Wai Mui, Christina
172002An investigation into the use of CMC in vocational education a case studyChan, Pui Cheung, Esther 陳佩璋
192016Identifying core competencies for students of a Vacational Education and Training (VET) Programme in electrical and mechanical engineering in Hong KongKwan, Wai Wing
20May-2012General post-secondary education in support of sustainable development in Hong KongLee, Kin Man Amazon 
22Sep-2012Teachers' perception on nurturing students' employability skills : a study on vocational course offerings in secondary schools on the topic of “Tourism and hospitality” and “Fundamental cosmetology” in Hong KongChen, Jia'er 陳家兒
23Jun-2013Evaluating a curriculum innovation using an implementation rubricKoo, Chung Ngan Alfred 
24Sep-2016How science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) project-based learning improves student learningCheung, Ho Yeung Tommy ; Chow, Man Hon ; Chiu, Ping Kuen 
25May-2012Multidimensional rasch analysis for vocational education assessments. Theme C: Assessment for LearningKwan, Wai Wing, Eric 
262009Perceptions and practices of mixed-code teaching among English teachers in the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational EducationYuen, Ho Yan, Aron 袁浩恩
272000New roles of vocational education and vocational teachers for technological change: a case study of the Hong Kong institute of vocational educationYeung, Che Keung ; Cheng, Choi Fung ; Koo, Alfred
28Jun-2017Focus highlight in VPET. Education to work transition and transferable skillsChung, Sun Ji
292000Manpower planning in Hong KongCheng, Anthony 
3013-Jul-2017A case study of the potentials of SGC-based curriculaSUNG Wai Mui, Dilys; NG Yuk Lun, John
312010论高素质教育视野下的高等职业教育: 中国香港高等职业教育之启示林升乐; 王晓敏
32Apr-2010Survey on opinions of employers on major aspects of performance of sub-degree graduates in year 2006 : executive summary
332003Practice and research in career counseling and development--2002.(Annual Review)Flores, Lisa Y.; Scott, Anne B.; Wang, Yu Wei; Yakushko, Oksana; McCloskey, Charlotte M.; Spencer, Katherine G.; Logan, Stephanie A.
342000A case study of the quality management system in the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education with reference to its organizational restructuringWu, Wai Yin, Helen
352002A comparative study of the language learning anxiety and occupational aspiration of high proficiency students and low proficiency students studying at the Institute of Vocational Education (IVE)Chan, Chi Hang, Cusson
36Apr-2008Accreditation of professional training in Hong Kong. Information noteLegislative Council Secretariat, Research and Library Services Division
372001The development of intelligent virtual reality-based industrial training systemsLin, Fuhua
382007职业教育香江舞步沈中伟; 应雅泳
392000The engineering graduate training scheme and new technology training scheme in Hong KongNg, T. L. ; Wong, Gary M. Y. 
41Nov-2010An effective learning model to support people development : the emerging approach of the Hong Kong Institute for Vocational EducationLeung, Sui Man, Anita ; McGrath, Simon
43Jun-2013From school dropouts to achievers: reengagement of student learning in Youth CollegeYeung, Fu Yiu Vincent ; Kwong, Lik Hang Kelvin ; Lai, Wing Hang Jack ; Leung, Yuk Ling Belle ; Mak, Kit Yi Vienna ; Tam, Wai Yiu Nelson ; Wong, Ka Ho Matt 
44Jun-2017Conclusion of day 1. Closing remarksPavlova, Margarita 
45Aug-2009香港职业教育特点及其启示王敏; 单光庆
46May-2015Vocational education and training in Germany. Information noteLegislative Council Secretariat, Research Office
472012The policy of practical schools in Hong KongCheng, Mei-ching 鄭美菁
482008An organizational learning model for vocational education in the context of TQM cultureLam, V M Y; Poon, Ka Kwai, Gary; Chin, Kwai Sang
50Jun-2013Online social media and informal language learningChan, Nikita 
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