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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2010Survey on opinions of employers on major aspects of performance of sub-degree graduates in year 2006 : executive summary
2Jun-2002香港屋宇装备工程人才培养课程体系陈红; 张李冬
42000The implication of advances in wireless data communications on e-commerceCheung, Lawrence 
52002City University : the College of Higher Vocational Studies.City University of Hong Kong. College of Higher Vocational Studies
6Dec-2014TVET as an important factor in country’s economic developmentPavlova, Margarita 
72008Business education in Hong Kong secondary schools : past and futureYu, Wai Mui, Christina
82000Integrating adult learning principles in web based open learningMajumder, Shyamal
92000Integrating the strengths of the web-based and traditional models of teachingLeung, T. Y. ; Tran, Sarah Y. S. 
102003SmartTutor: an intelligent tutoring system in web-based adult educationCheung, B; Hui, L; Zhang, J; Yiu, Sm M.
11May-2012The use of variation theory to enhance speech-impaired students’ learning of PutonghuaHo, Pei Ying Peggie 
1221-Nov-2007香港的职业技术教育与培训沈中伟; 应雅泳
132014Needs analysis and curriculum development of vocational Chinese for NCS studentsQiu, Xiao Yan ; Wang, Dan Ping ; Lo, Hau Yee ; Tsang, Ming Tak 
142001官立師範學堂 (1881-1883):香港最早的全日制師訓機構方駿; 何麗芳
15Nov-2015The dilemma facing higher education and industry in tourism and hospitalityKong, Pui Keung Anthony
162014香港与大陆物业管理从业人员继续教育制度比较研究吴剑平; 姚剑雄
172012Work based learning in a senior secondary school in Hong KongKell, Peter Michael 郭懷德; Ha, Yuen Yung, Susan; Maclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Wong, Wai Kee, Francisco; So, Hiu Chun 蘇曉進; Wong, Koon Lin, Linnie
18Jun-2013Reflections on a multi-disciplinary toy design engineering programmeShiu, Yiu Cheung Greg 
192003Enhancing professional education through experiential learning
212005官立男子漢文師範學堂 (1920-1940):早期香港中文師資的重要搖籃方駿
222000A case study of the quality management system in the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education with reference to its organizational restructuringWu, Wai Yin, Helen
232000An evaluation of a model multiple site distance learning program for non-traditional studentsThompson, Dale E.; Orr, Betsy; Brooks, Kit; Thompson, Cecelia
242002Human capital formation : a study of the development of technical education and vocational training in two Asian Chinese newly industrialised economiesWong, Kwong Keung
252006Business planning for the vocational education and training in Hong KongChan, Y. P., Catherine; Chan, S. F.; Chan, K.; Ip, W. C.
26Feb-2016World TVET database China
272001大埔官立漢文師範學校 (1926-1941):新界基礎教育的開拓者方駿
282000E-learning in knowledge-based societyTsui, P. F. ; Yue, K. M. 
29Sep-2008Hong Kong secondary business teachers' conceptions of student competence and ways of teachingYu, Wai Mui, Christina; Boulton-Lewis, Gillian M.
312000Establishment of the advanced printing technology centre at Hong Kong institute of vocational education (Kwun tong)Chan, Lawrence W. 
322000Mining labour market information for use in developing an it manpower predictive modelSuen, Gar-yun, Garry 
332000A comparative study on the strengths and weaknesses of the students between China and Hong KongO, Brian H. M. ; Leung, Dennis N. K. 
342000Integration of general education into the vocational training curriculumLai, Kwok Hung 
352000Transforming educational practice for a transformed employment environmentDawson, Jeanne
362000Increasing female participation in technology education: a hong kong perspectiveVolk, Ken 
372000The use of a laboratory approach for teaching engineering studentsWong, Yik-lung, Lawrence 
38Nov-2007改革高职学院实训模式 提高实训效果: 借鉴香港职前与在职训练的成功经验熊建武; 周进; 熊芊; 张建安; 徐铁辉
402000Professional ethics: a life-long pursuit by an engineerLeung, C. K. ; Wong, Jolly 
41May-2012An effective learning model to support student development at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational EducationLeung, Sui Man Anita 
422003官立漢文女子師範學堂 (1920-1941):香港僅有的女子師訓院校方駿
442007承擔, 求新, 創未來 : 職業訓練局銀禧紀念集編著《職業訓練局銀禧紀念集 》編委會
452001官立師範學堂 (1881-1883):香港最早的全日制師訓機構方駿; 何麗芳
462018An Exploration of the History of Vocational Education in Hong KongTse, WCV
472000A brief history of technical education in Hong Kong 1863 to 1980: a paper presented on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary: 12 October 2000D. D. Waters 
48Dec-2008Administrative Arrangements and a Curriculum for a University Training Programme for Adult Educators in Hong KongShak, Wai Han, Therese, 1932-2010 
492008大埔教育:從鄉村師範的建立到鄉村學校的消失Poon, Shuk Wah
502008Enhancing the quality of VET in Hong Kong: recent reforms and new initiatives in widening participation in tertiary qualificationsLim, David 
Results 401-450 of 450 (Search time: 0.025 seconds).