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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2002Setting up a qualifications framework and associated quality assurance framework for Hong Kong : an executive summary
2Dec-2014Schooling and career aspirations of South Asian studentsStella Kwok, Sin Tung ; Chiu, Catherine ; Lo, Brenda ; Wu, Richard Sui Lun 
3May-2015Greening of economies : environmental industries in Hong KongPavlova, Margarita 
42000Flexible learning programme in vocational education: a case studyWong, Lawrence Y. L. ; Montague, Nigel J. 
62014香港职业教育课程开发探究与启示郑哲; 韩越祥
7Jul-2014From creativity to creative industries: A curly road that education can contributeKo, Yue On James 高裕安; Lau, Debbie
8Feb-2017Curriculum reform and supporting structures at schools : challenges for life skills planning for secondary school students in China (with particular reference to Hong Kong)Lee, Chi Kin, John
9Oct-2012Greening the TVET curriculum for sustainable development in Hong Kong: Past, present and futureTsang, Po Keung, Eric
102014Modeling your college library after a commercial bookstore? The Hong Kong Design Institute library experienceLo, Patrick; Chiu, Dickson K. W.; Chu, Wilson
112000Industrialization, the new economy, and the occupational work ethicPetty, Gregory C.
122016Educational reforms and the practices of professional learning community in Hong Kong primary schoolsPang, Sun Keung, Nicholas; Wang, Ting; Leung, Lai Mei, Zoe
152000The Morrison Hill story
162010PVE online
172014Crossing the Binary Line: The Founding of the Polytechnic in Colonial Hong KongWong, Ting Hong
182000Discovery learning approach to classic electrical machines principlesWong, S. K. ; Chan, K. F. ; Chan, David T. W. 
19Jun-2013Peer mentorship as remedy for student diversity in electrical engineering programmeFung, Kim Wan Eric 
202015Enhancing content and language integrated learning in post-secondary vocational educationOrtega, Angel Garralda ; Cheung, Man Wai, Janet ; Fong, Yuen Shan, Michelle 
212014Cultural literacy : how hidden is it in the Hong Kong Professional and Vocational Education (PVE) curriculum?Hui, King Fai, Sammy
22Sep-2017愉快教學實驗: 以香港校本統整職業語文科為例謝惠芝
232007学习如何教: 拓宽课程设计的视角: 香港大学教育学院师范生教育实习反思话语分析吴格奇
252003工字可出頭 : 年青人與香港製造業
26Sep-2008An overview of entrepreneurship education programmes in Hong KongCheung, Chi Kim
282002Lifelong learning in action : Hong Kong practitioners' perspectives
292005The effectiveness of school-based curriculum in enhancing vocational competencies among secondary school students with moderate mental handicapsWong, Kin Wan, Anissa 黃健雲
322004Implementation of career oriented diversified curriculum (CODC) in the business curriculum for senior secondary schools in Hong Kong with special reference to the education reform : a pilot studyWong, Yin Ha, Ann 王燕霞
33Oct-2007PDCA质量管理模式: 香港职业训练局质量保证制度邵娟琴
342011深港合作课程“双证融通”内涵分析与教学实践陈红; 吴锋; 郭树军
36Sep-2000Learning for life, learning through life : reform proposals for the education system in Hong Kong. Education blueprint for the 21st century
37May-2014Developing curriculum and strategic VET responses to meet environmental, natural and socio-cultural changesPavlova, Margarita 
38Dec-2014Frameworks for nurturing and assessing students’ statistical thinking in regression modellingLi, Wing Kin Ken 
39Oct-2008Beliefs about language learning of Chinese ESL learners undertaking vocational education in Hong KongWu, Man Fat, Manfred
402002Survey of employers' views on training and development centre pre-employment and upgrading courses and training schemes of the academic year …
41Dec-2014Case study of the effectiveness of the learning communities program for students in higher diploma in environmental scienceAu, Ho Leung ; Kuby Chung, Fung Sheung 
42Dec-2014Education and skills for inclusive growth and green jobs in Asia: TVET perspectivePavlova, Margarita 
432012香港高职学生管理的经验及启示崔浩然; 王迎春
442014Global and regional networks to promote education for sustainable development in TVETMaclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Pavlova, Margarita 
45Mar-2013Hong Kong industrial history : brief account of the accompanying role played by technical education and training : part twoDan Waters 
46Jun-2013Helping students achieve outcomes through the mode of education 3.0Cheung, Man Wai ; Wong, Nga Lun Alan 
472010Planning and policy development for technical vocational education and training systemsMaclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Pavlova, Margarita 
482011Assessing and evaluating adult learning in career and technical education
492016香港与内地职业教育差异化分析: 以香港理工大学为例崔欣欣
502014The meaning and role of entrepreneurship education for school students in the global economyYu, Wai Mui, Christina
Results 151-200 of 450 (Search time: 0.02 seconds).