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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2013From school dropouts to achievers: reengagement of student learning in Youth CollegeYeung, Fu Yiu Vincent ; Kwong, Lik Hang Kelvin ; Lai, Wing Hang Jack ; Leung, Yuk Ling Belle ; Mak, Kit Yi Vienna ; Tam, Wai Yiu Nelson ; Wong, Ka Ho Matt 
22008An organizational learning model for vocational education in the context of TQM cultureLam, V M Y; Poon, Ka Kwai, Gary; Chin, Kwai Sang
42011Colonialism and secondary technical education in Hong Kong: 1945-1997Kan, Flora; Lau, Wai Wah
5Jun-2017Conference closingYau, Carrie 
62016Introduction to the special issue: career development and intervention in Chinese contextsFan, Weiqiao; Leong, Frederick T. L.
7Nov-2010An effective learning model to support people development : the emerging approach of the Hong Kong Institute for Vocational EducationLeung, Sui Man, Anita ; McGrath, Simon
82000A flexible investment: the Australian vet sector's framework for applying new technologies in learningLerch, Sandra; Le Cornu, Peter
92004Teachers' perceptions of the teaching and learning component of a quality assurance system in an institute of vocational education campusChoy, Man Lee, Franco
10Nov-2015The flipped classroom in an undergraduate nutritional science course: A pilot studyChan, Man Ngai Sidney ; Tse, Yuk Tin Jean ; Yu, Hoi Fu Peter 
112013Tradition and future: VET in Hong Kong, a new perspectiveYau, Carrie 
122003Career development survey of graduates of year 1996 of Technical College/Technical Institute full-time coursesVocational Training Council (Hong Kong, China)
132011Teaching development grants final and financial report: Renewal proposal for professional and vocational education programmesKell, Peter Michael 郭懷德; Tam, Siu Ling, Maureen 譚小玲
14May-2015Vocational education and training in Germany. Information noteLegislative Council Secretariat, Research Office
15Jan-2006Action for the future : further consultation on career-oriented studies and the new senior secondary academic structure for special schools.
16Sep-2001Consultancy on review of the organisational set-up for vocational training and retraining
182000New roles of vocational education and vocational teachers for technological change: a case study of the Hong Kong institute of vocational educationYeung, Che Keung ; Cheng, Choi Fung ; Koo, Alfred
192012Behavior, attitude, and perception toward safety culture from mandatory safety training course.(Author abstract)(Report)Tam, Vivian W.Y.; Fung, Wing Hong, Ivan
202001香港職業教育制度 : 職業訓練局個案研究Chiu, Wing Kai, Stephen 趙永佳; Tan, Hui Peng 譚惠鵬
222000The engineering graduate training scheme and new technology training scheme in Hong KongNg, T. L. ; Wong, Gary M. Y. 
23Feb-2013Hong Kong industrial history : brief account of the accompanying role played by technical education and trainingDan Waters 
242006Recognizing the emotional and behavioral needs of ethnic minority students in Hong KongHeung, Vivian
25Jun-2013Examining the essential employability attributes from different perspectivesLau, Deanna To ; Chan, Charles ; Chan, Kelvin ; Cheung, George ; Ng, Oscar ; Liu, Shuk Yi Ivy ; Chan, Po Lung prosper
262000How effective are our teaching methods for vocational educationWong, Yik-lung, Lawrence 
272000Curriculum development in vocational education: achieving balance and coherenceParkin, Christopher
282010Provision of second-chance education: the Hong Kong experienceLim, David 
29Dec-2014Engaging students with clickers in language lessonsCheung, Man Wai Janet ; Wong, Nga Lun Alan ; Chan, Yin Ha Emmy 
302016Career guidance in Hong Kong: from policy ideal to school practiceHo, Yuk Fan; Leung, Seung Ming, Alvin
312013职业学校文化与企业文化无间融合的实践: 以香港职业训练局为例郭华生
32Jun-2017Focus highlight in VPET. Governance and performanceNoonan, Peter
33May-2012An effective learning model to support student development at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education. Theme B: Curriculum Design and DevelopmentLeung, Sui Man, Anita 
342001Designing a hospital intranet nurse learning system for improving continuing nursing educationMak, Hing Yin; Mallard, Andrew P.; Kwok, John C. K.
36Jun-2013Quality vocational education and training through technology-enabled learning and teachingChung, Chi Kit Ronald 
372013The effect of perceived campus learning environment on students' self-determined motivation in vocational studiesLee, Po Ling
382010Lifelong education : consensus in characteristics and practicesShak, Wai Han, Therese 
3913-Jul-2017A case study of the potentials of SGC-based curriculaSUNG Wai Mui, Dilys; NG Yuk Lun, John
402002A comparative study of the language learning anxiety and occupational aspiration of high proficiency students and low proficiency students studying at the Institute of Vocational Education (IVE)Chan, Chi Hang, Cusson
412003Continuing development and employment opportunities for youth : concise report
422013Vocation-oriented higher education : trends, development and challengesMaclean, Rupert 馬敬言 ; Tsang, Po Keung Eric 曾寶強
432002Human capital formation : a study of the development of technical education and vocational training in two Asian Chinese newly industrialised economiesWong, Kwong Keung
442005官立男子漢文師範學堂 (1920-1940):早期香港中文師資的重要搖籃方駿
452014香港与大陆物业管理从业人员继续教育制度比较研究吴剑平; 姚剑雄
462000A case study of the quality management system in the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education with reference to its organizational restructuringWu, Wai Yin, Helen
472010论高素质教育视野下的高等职业教育: 中国香港高等职业教育之启示林升乐; 王晓敏
482014多元化: 香港学徒制管窥范冬清; 陈金圣
492010QFD-based curriculum planning for vocational educationChan, Yin Ping
502001官立師範學堂 (1881-1883):香港最早的全日制師訓機構方駿; 何麗芳
Results 351-400 of 450 (Search time: 0.057 seconds).