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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12000The practice firm concept: a competency approach to teach key business skillsLeung, Mitzi ; Ng, Judy 
22000The development of a management competency model and a development centreWong, Sara 
32000The effectiveness of using technology to teach English as a second languageNg, Yuk Kwan, Rita 
42000Role of supported services in the provision of vocational training for open employment to people with disabilities in Hong KongLo Chan, Woon-ching, Eliza 
52000Quantitative evaluation of the educational programmes on students’ awareness of social responsibilityTsui, Loky ; Lee Wong, Sau-wan, Teresa 
62000Developing a competitive program to cope with the 3c (change, competitive, complex) trend in industryTsai, S. T.; Tsen, Shu Hsiao
72000A joint venture in distance education program between Hong Kong and AustraliaChan, Fun-ting ; Messing, John
82000Cross disciplinary continuing professional developmentKo, Sai Hong 
92000The occupational skill testing and certification systems in Hong KongFu, S. P. 
102000Stress management for teachers in vocational education and training sectorChan, Ching Wah, Gloria 
112000Distance and open learning – web-based training (WBT) development process considerationLau, Wing Yiu, Donna 
122000Continuing professional development towards employee empowerment in manpower training: a new domain of organisational strategyYip, Joseph S. L. 
132000Transforming young school leavers and mature unemployed into skilled it workers: the it assistant training in Hong KongLi, Yat Chuen 
142000Establishing a virtual building & construction site for education and trainingBarrett, John F. ; Wilkins, Brian 
152000A perception of the software process modelScott, Albert H. S. 
162000An evaluation on the effectivenss of a 9-month intensive full-time program for the unemployedYeung, Che Keung ; Chan, Yuet Keung, Cadbury ; Chow, Lai Ling, Lilian ; Leung, Yuen Bing ; Chow, King Chung, Joseph 
172000Telling stories in the use of portfolio assessment in higher education: some implementation issuesNicholson, Annie Y. W. ; Bryant, Sharon ; Ng, Judy W. F. 
182000Profile of SME support in Hong Kong and the setting up of the business start-up centreWong, Robin 
192000Graph theory, job-labour system and manpower planningLeung, Kwai Wing 
202000Web-site teaching: analysis of its future developmentChiu, Ying Wai, Peter 
212000Flexible learning programme in vocational education: a case studyWong, Lawrence Y. L. ; Montague, Nigel J. 
222000Industrialization, the new economy, and the occupational work ethicPetty, Gregory C.
232000Design of internet-related courses for it professionalsChoi, Y. K. 
242000Discovery learning approach to classic electrical machines principlesWong, S. K. ; Chan, K. F. ; Chan, David T. W. 
252000Vocational education in engineering in the information ageWoo, C. W. ; Tang, Alan S. T. ; Poposka, S. T. 
262000Teaching statistical problem solving in vocational educationLi, Ken W. 
272000Retraining for the unemployed: an up-hill battle that never endsKwong, S. S.
282000Provision of professional training to meet global procurement challenges in Hong KongKea, Josephine C. S. 
292000Key policy issues in the promotion of information technology in vocational education: some lessons from the five-year strategy in Hong KongNg, Kathleen S. K. 
302000Contingency theory is of little value in helping leaders or potential leaders to perform successfullyCheng, Eric
312000Mobility, flexibility and accessibility of postsecondary education in Hong KongChan, Shui-Kin
322000How to teach students in the information era?Chu, K. C. 
332000Tele-operation of a manufacturing system for vocational educationTsang, Francis H. F. ; Lee, Jonathan K. F. 
342000Work-based training: experiences of student internsHardy, Marcelle; Parent, Carmen; Forget, Johanne
352000Providing competecy-based education for industry and its effect on classroom educationLin, Chin Yen; Wang, Tsung Juang
362000Manpower planning in Hong KongCheng, Anthony 
372000The effects of the whole educational experience on graduate employability and further studyPomfret, Michael John 
382000Benchmarking in supply chain management: a process to find a better way, rather than an attempt to reinvent the proverbial wheelTam, Eric Y. L. 
392000Cross border activities to strengthen technical and vocational education and training systems in the information eraHayman, Sarah
402000Audio and video development for multimedia and web-based applicationsYohon, Teresa
412000The competency of cross-culture of expatriates in the multinational corporationTsen, Shu Hsiao
422000Web-based vocational English: development, practice and problemsChan, Kim Hung, Martina ; Lee, Chi Ming 
432000Global e-learning tendencies and possibilities of using the internet for vocational and educational trainingvon Gruchalla, Armin; Stauch, Dipl.-Ing. Frank
442000E-portfolio: more than an electronic resumeAngel, N. Faye
452000Using the web to enhance language teaching and learning and distributed cognitions in a conventional sub-degree settingLau, Wanda W. Y. 
462000Vocational education and training for Hong Kong into the 21st century: an investigative reportLeung, Manwey Joseph 
472000In search of a governance framework of vocational education and training for the 21st century: an international comparative studyHung, Humphry 
482000New roles of vocational education and vocational teachers for technological change: a case study of the Hong Kong institute of vocational educationYeung, Che Keung ; Cheng, Choi Fung ; Koo, Alfred
492000A flexible investment: the Australian vet sector's framework for applying new technologies in learningLerch, Sandra; Le Cornu, Peter
502000The engineering graduate training scheme and new technology training scheme in Hong KongNg, T. L. ; Wong, Gary M. Y. 
Results 1-50 of 64 (Search time: 0.066 seconds).